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About Vinci Books

Four years ago, writer and marketing expert James Blatch led a small group of self-published authors, digital specialists and creatives to set up a publishing company called Fuse Books whose mission was to take independent authors to the next level. Fuse proved a great success and helped drive the ebook sales of, amongst others, Kerry J Donovan, Scott Matthews and Robert Storey. 

In January 2024, Fuse changed its name to Vinci Books, inspired by Leonardo, history’s great polymath, who excelled at many disciplines whilst being at the forefront of technological developments. At the same time, it announced a significant investment in the company alongside an influx of highly experienced staff (Meet the Team) from the wider publishing industry led by publishing entrepreneur Mark Smith, allowing for a major expansion of its publishing plans. Whilst maintaining its independent ethos and mission to build the careers of self-published authors, Vinci Books now combines Fuse’s cutting-edge digital marketing expertise, data-driven knowledge of the reader market and industry-leading cover designs with the full breadth of traditional print, audio and translated publishing offerings.


Vinci Books is an independent publisher owned by its staff and private investors from the worlds of publishing, technology and business. It is proud of its international outlook with colleagues in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

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